The 2016 Crawford PhD conference focuses on the increasingly global nature of public policy challenges and the need for solutions to respond creatively and intelligently to this changing dynamic.

See here for further details and registration.

The conference features a range of topics including the following on tax and transfer:

The evaluation of regional fiscal incentives to local governments: An insight of the design of environmental fiscal transfer in Indonesia. By Adriyanto Adriyanto. Discussant: Kimlong Chheng;

Taxpayers’ responses to the Medicare Levy Surcharge by Thomas Abhayaratna. Discussant: Shane; Johnson.

Fiscal decentralization and convergence in government spending by Yusniliyana Yusof. Discussant: Adriyanto Adriyanto; and

The perils of lump sum wealth and access to income support by Sue Regan.

Full list of abstracts here.

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