CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto, CINTIA-Centro Interuniversitario Nestpar Italy and the Department of Economic, Social, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences of the University of Turin are organizing the Workshop ‘Household Finance and Retirement Savings’, scheduled on October 19-20, 2017.

The objective is to host presentations and foster interaction between senior and junior researchers working in the area of household finance and retirement savings. The workshop will include state-of-the-art research on household risk management over the life cycle.

TOPICS: We solicit papers in the following areas, but other related areas may also be considered:

-Savings, insurance and portfolio choices over the life cycle

-Labor income and unemployment risk

-Consumer indebtedness, financial distress and default decisions

-Financial literacy and retirement savings

-Theory based empirical household finance

-Retirement planning and financing

-Behavioral approaches to household finance

-Technological advances and risk management

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: If you wish to submit a paper, please email your paper/long abstract as a pdf file to [email protected]. Only electronic submissions will be considered. The deadline for submission is May 31, 2017. Inclusion in the program will be confirmed by June 30, 2017.

The Collegio Carlo Alberto will take care of flights and accommodation for paper presenters and discussants.

If you have questions please contact: [email protected]; or [email protected].

More details about the workshop can be found here.

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