The International Tax Administration Conference organised by the School of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation at UNSW will return next year and be held on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 April. The theme of the 2023 conference is ‘Tax Administration: Evolution or Revolution’.

The conference will explore latest developments and innovations in revenue administration in Australia and overseas. These include (not limited to):

  • Innovative initiatives in service delivery (including digital and data use, tap and go, AI, algorithms);
  • Developments encouraging sustainable compliance in tax risk areas as diverse as the hidden economy; crypto currency and other digital assets and adoption of a range of tools; including the rise of tax transparency to aid compliance;
  • Opportunities and challenges to the shape of the tax system from new technologies including data policy, ethical data exploitation, cyber security and progress in the regulation of the relatively new data platforms;
  • Administering sustainability (or ESG) initiatives in the tax system including effectiveness of service and administrative techniques to attain compliance;
  • Developments in globalisation of revenue administration (e.g. mutual cooperation on tax risks and data exchange and exploitation); and
  • Tax dispute resolution and developing new approaches to protect the vulnerable.

The conference is now calling for papers. Proposals should be sent by end of Friday 25 November 2022 (Sydney time).

Further information is available here.

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