Clinical Tax Education: International Handbook

Proposed editors: Dr Amy Lawton (Lancaster University), Donovan Castelyn (Curtin University), David Massey (University of Central Lancashire), Annette Morgan (Curtin University).

Tax Clinics are now established throughout the world. With recent clinical developments in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, it is a timely opportunity to bring together tax clinic scholarship. This is the aim of Clinical Tax Education, which will explore the benefits of clinics for our students and communities. The book particularly welcomes contributions on tax clinic projects but would also welcome contributions on novel projects that seek to bring tax, students, and our communities together. Contributions should aim to discuss one of the following themes:

  • Students (experience and contribution)
  • Supervisors (project administration and the profession)
  • State (relationships with tax authorities, government, and influence on policy)
  • Society (clients and our local communities)

We would expect full contributions to be no longer than 6,000 words and would need to be submitted late 2021 for a target 2022 publication. We welcome proposals from anyone involved in a community tax project, including but not limited to academics, practitioners, policymakers and students.

If you would like to contribute a chapter to a book on this subject, please send a chapter proposal abstract of 250 words to Amy Lawton, [email protected]. Your abstract should outline your project and how you will respond to one of the above themes. The deadline for proposals is Friday 4th December 2020. We hope to be provisionally in touch with authors in early 2021.

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