Increased financial support will be available for workers in New South Wales from next week as part of the Australian Government’s expanded national COVID-19 Disaster Payment announced yesterday.

The new disaster payment amount will be $750 per week for eligible workers who lose 20 hours or more of work, while those that lose between 8 and less than 20 hours will receive a payment of $450 per week.

This represents an increase of $150 per week for the former and $75 per week for the latter.

Individuals who currently receive a federal income support payment can also claim a weekly payment of $200, in addition to their existing payment, if they have lost more than 8 hours of work. This is not available previously.

The new payment rate will be available from day one of any potential lockdown in the future.

There will be no liquid assets test applied to eligibility for these payments and an individual does not need to run down personal annual leave.

Further information available here.

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