Hosted by the School of Social & Political Sciences, University of Sydney, the Australian Basic Income Lab (ABI) – University of Sydney, Macquarie University & the Australian National University invite you to participate in its inaugural national workshop, Basic Income after COVID-19 – Social Security, Work & Wealth, on Friday 10 December 10.00am to 4.40pm via Zoom.

Over the past decade proposals for a universal basic income have gained growing political and policy attention internationally. Trials have been undertaken in both high income countries and across the Global South, with a variety of aims from reducing poverty to aiding employment and wellbeing. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, countries around the world implemented strong public health measures, accompanied by large public spending packages, many of which echoed elements of a basic income. This workshop seeks to take stock of basic income debates in Australia in the context of growing international attention and the COVID-19 experience, and in the leadup to Australia hosting the 2022 Basic Income Earth Conference.

The workshop is organised around three key themes:

  1. Basic Income, Poverty and Conditionality
  2. Basic Income and the Future of Work
  3. Basic Income, Wealth Inequality and Macroeconomic management

Further information available here.

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