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Should We Be Worried About “Zero Net Taxpayers”?

This post is the first of a four part series on the topic. The political and media storm about “zero net taxpayers” Following Duncan Storrar’s… Read More ›

Completing the Reform Journey to Adequate, Secure And Sustainable Retirement Incomes for All Australians

The Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes (CSRI) held its second Leadership Forum on 12-13 October 2016. The Committee is an independent think tank which exists… Read More ›

How do we Measure the Success of Legislative Budget Offices?

Legislative Budget Offices (LBOs) are independent institutions staffed with economists that provide rigorous and non-partisan analysis to legislatures on matters pertaining to the budget. Their… Read More ›

Australian Fiscal Policy and Income Inequality: Recent Trends

In recent decades, income inequality has increased in many developed countries. Although fiscal policies are the main tools available to policymakers to address widening inequality,… Read More ›

The Occurrence of Tax Amnesties: Theory and Evidence

In recent times of fiscal stress during and after the Global Financial Crisis many countries announced tax amnesties. Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy were among… Read More ›