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Why Lowering Corporate Taxes Is a Political Promise that Does Not Deliver

With the 2016 US presidential elections, the long and ongoing debate on corporate tax rates was intensified in the media as Donald Trump made the… Read More ›

International Taxation in the Digital Economy: Challenge Accepted?

The digitalization of the economy is considered as a key driver of innovation, economic growth, and societal change. At the same time, it poses a… Read More ›

Pork-Barrel Projects Are a Billion-Dollar Drain on the Public Purse

One of the most farcical, and disturbing, aspects of political and public attitudes to government spending is how it is acceptable to launch attack after… Read More ›

Nudging Businesses towards Tax Compliance

“Are other taxpayers paying their fair share, or am I the only one?” Answers to questions like these are crucially important for own subsequent compliance… Read More ›

Broader GST Better Than Myriad Tax Increases

In the recent budget the Turnbull Government finally admitted that budget repair is both a spending and a taxing problem. While they remain committed to… Read More ›