Tax Reform

Tax, Debt and Trouble Topples Najib in Malaysia: Why did GST Reform in Malaysia Fail?

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Budget Forum 2018: Risks Greater Than I Can Recall in My Working Life

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Budget Forum 2018: Cuts to Personal Income Tax – A Mixed Bag

Australia’s tax system is facing a crisis. The tax system is not well-positioned to deliver well-being for our future. The system is antiquated, unsustainable, overly… Read More ›

Should We Tax Robots?

In a 2017 interview, Microsoft founder Bill Gates recommended taxing robots to slow the pace of automation. Funds raised could be used to retrain and financially support… Read More ›

The National and Regional Consequences of Australia’s Goods and Services Tax

Goods and Services Tax (GST) reform options, in the form of widening the base, lifting the rate, and reducing exemptions, have recently returned to prominence… Read More ›

How the Government Can Pay for Its Proposed Company Tax Cuts

There are ways the government can pay for a cut in the company tax rate. In a recent working paper, we worked with researcher Chris… Read More ›