Behavioural Insights

Reducing Tax Evasion: What Have National Flags Got to Do With It?

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Nudging Businesses to Pay Their Taxes: Does Timing Matter?

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Baby Bonuses: Natural Experiments in Cash Transfers, Birth Timing and Child Outcomes

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Religiosity and Tax Compliance: A Comparative Study between Malaysia and Turkey

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Are Financial Penalties an Effective Way to Penalise Deliberate Tax Evaders?

All OECD member countries use a tax penalty system, but how many evaluate the effectiveness of their penalties? My working paper attempts to evaluate the… Read More ›

The Role and Dimensions of Taxpayer Commitment in Tax Compliance Behaviour

A proposition by Meyer and Herscovitch (2001) that commitment should have a ‘core essence’ regardless of the context in which it is studied opens up… Read More ›