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Budget Forum 2016: Indigenous Australians, What Might We Expect, and Where Might the Impact Be?

Whatever you think of the specifics, it is fair to say the 2014/15 Federal Budget was one of the most divisive and contentious in recent… Read More ›

ANUpoll: Government’s Deficit Dilemma with a Confused Electorate

The latest ANUpoll shows that people would prefer the government to tax their way out of deficit rather than to reduce spending on social services.… Read More ›

Ideas for Australia: Five Ideas to Help fix Australia’s Tax System

First published on The Conversation. Our tax reform debate seems to be stuck. Our federal fiscal system is skewed. What kind of a fiscal bargain can… Read More ›

“Middle-Class Welfare”: What is the Evidence?

The Australian welfare state is strongly “targeted” – though relatively small in size, it is relatively redistributive in effect. Or so we have usually thought.… Read More ›

State Income Tax: Genius of Foolishness

Originally published in the Huffington Post 31 March. Initial reaction to Turnbull’s proposal to allow some form of State income tax has ranged from it being… Read More ›