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Budget Forum 2016: Budget Repair, Climate Risks and Global Concerns All Ignored in this Conflicted Effort

Originally published May 4 on The Conversation. This Federal Budget was crafted with multiple, sometimes conflicting, objectives. To repair the budget, to neutralize some of… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2016: Indigenous Australians, What Might We Expect, and Where Might the Impact Be?

Whatever you think of the specifics, it is fair to say the 2014/15 Federal Budget was one of the most divisive and contentious in recent… Read More ›

ANUpoll: Government’s Deficit Dilemma with a Confused Electorate

The latest ANUpoll shows that people would prefer the government to tax their way out of deficit rather than to reduce spending on social services.… Read More ›

Ideas for Australia: Five Ideas to Help fix Australia’s Tax System

First published on The Conversation. Our tax reform debate seems to be stuck. Our federal fiscal system is skewed. What kind of a fiscal bargain can… Read More ›

“Middle-Class Welfare”: What is the Evidence?

The Australian welfare state is strongly “targeted” – though relatively small in size, it is relatively redistributive in effect. Or so we have usually thought.… Read More ›