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Fiscal Austerity: Tough Choices for Australia’s Future

Recent unfavourable economic conditions have put the Australian government in a tough fiscal situation with increasing budget deficits and growing government debt. The Australian government… Read More ›

Malice or Misunderstanding? Government’s Carbon Price Under-Compensation

The original version of this note was posted on David’s blog at on 13 May 2016 Carbon price compensation was introduced in a range of… Read More ›

Income Tax at 100 Years: A Little History

In 2015, Australia’s Commonwealth income tax reached its first century. The Income Tax Assessment Act No. 34 of 1915 and accompanying Income Tax Act No.… Read More ›

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Budget

A carbon tax on a broad base of combustion of fossil fuels together with recycling some of the revenue windfall to low income households would… Read More ›

Dismantling the Jobs and Growth Mantra: What the Research Really Says About Tax Cuts

Australia’s incumbent Government is hitching its election campaign pitch on tax cuts to boost jobs and growth but their claims aren’t borne out by the… Read More ›