Australian Institute of Family Studies Publishes New Estimates of the Costs of Children

The report summarises new research on the costs of children conducted by the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales. It… Read More ›

OECD and IGF Consultation on Draft Note for Countries to Avoid Profit Shifting in Mining

Limiting the impact of excessive interest deductions on mining revenues – closes on Friday, 18 May 2018. For many resource-rich developing countries, mineral resources present… Read More ›

Wayne Swan, Australian Former Treasurer, Joins Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation

The Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation (ICRICT) announced that Jayati Ghosh and Wayne Swan have accepted to join the Commission. ICRICT… Read More ›

The Australia Institute Report Calls for Government to Collect More Tax

In a report released on Tuesday 17th April, The Australia Institute researchers Rod Campbell and Cameron Murray call for a stronger revenue base through increased… Read More ›

IMF Release: April 2018 Fiscal Monitor – The Digital Gamble

Digitalization presents both opportunities and risks for fiscal policy. It has the potential to improve the design and implementation of fiscal policy, but it also… Read More ›

ANU Pre-Budget Event: ‘Business at the Bar’ with Saul Eslake on 3 May 2018

Join the Australian National University’s College of Business and Economics on the 3rd of May at The Civic Pub for predictions and candid conversation about the… Read More ›

Forsyth/Pose Scholarship Now Open

The Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia (BLS) is offering the Forsyth/Pose Scholarship for papers on a topic in the field of… Read More ›

New OECD Reports on the Taxation of Household Savings and The Role and Design of Net Wealth Taxes

The taxation of personal savings and wealth varies widely, offering governments significant scope for tax reforms that simultaneously improve both the efficiency and fairness of… Read More ›

New TTPI Working Paper by Chris Leech

TTPI Working Paper 6/2018: Detect and deter or catch and release: Are financial penalties an effective way to penalise deliberate tax evaders? Author: Chris Leech,… Read More ›

OECD Releases New Transfer Pricing Country Profile for Australia and 13 Others

Transfer pricing country profile: Australia. The OECD has published new transfer pricing country profiles for Australia, China (People’s Republic of), Estonia, France, Georgia, Hungary, India,… Read More ›