Transfer Policy

Why Social Policy Counts

Peter Fisher, Treasury under-secretary in George W. Bush’s administration, once memorably described the US government as “a gigantic insurance company (with a sideline business in national defense… Read More ›

It’s Not Just Newstart. Single Parents Are $271 per Fortnight Worse Off. Labor Needs an Overarching Welfare Review

Thirty years after Prime Minister Bob Hawke famously promised that by 1990 no Australian child would live in poverty, Bill Shorten has promised that, if… Read More ›

Is the Proportion of Net Benefit Recipients a Concern? A Reply to Peter Whiteford

In his 5 October comment on Austaxpolicy, Relax. The Divide Between the Taxed and the Taxed -Nots Isn’t New and Doesn’t Buy Elections, Peter Whiteford… Read More ›

Relax. The Divide Between the Taxed and the ‘Taxed-Nots’ Isn’t New and Doesn’t Buy Elections

It’s unsurprising that a large number of people pay no net tax. Might government benefits, and government employment, be a self sustaining machine – one… Read More ›

Effective Marginal and Average Tax Rates: An Italian Case Study

The Italian tax-benefit system, as many others, generates a number of marginal rates—the statutory tax rates and the implicit tax rates, determined by tax deductions… Read More ›

Baby Bonuses: Natural Experiments in Cash Transfers, Birth Timing and Child Outcomes

Research has shown that early childhood experiences can have large effects on later life outcomes. Yet little is known about the lasting effects of family… Read More ›