Macroeconomic Policy

Political Resource Curse: What Does Natural Resource Dependence Do to Public Revenue?

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Does Taxation Stifle Corporate Investment? Firm-Level Evidence from ASEAN Countries

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Gender Budgeting as Accountability Initiative: Public Expenditure Effectiveness on Fiscal Space and Gender Equality

Public expenditure effectiveness is hard to capture, either by using expenditure tracking exercises or through econometric analysis. The accountability of public expenditure—linking “resources to results”—has… Read More ›

Economic Scenario Analysis of the 2017–18 Budget Medium-Term Projections

Returning the Australian Government’s finances to a sustainable position following the Global Financial Crisis continues to present a challenge for government. While the 2017–18 Budget… Read More ›

Australia-Korea Tax and Welfare Workshop: South Korea at the Strategic Heart of Australia’s Northeast Asian Economic Interests

The geopolitical risks surrounding South Korea are now on everybody’s mind. But in the past two decades they’ve had remarkably little impact on the performance of the… Read More ›

Rethinking Finance: Why Australia Needs a New Portfolio Approach

Forty-one years ago this week the decision was taken to split the Department of Finance from the existing Treasury. Then-Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and his… Read More ›