Lone parent

It’s Not Just Newstart. Single Parents Are $271 per Fortnight Worse Off. Labor Needs an Overarching Welfare Review

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Does Child Support Reduce Lone Mother Poverty? Findings from an Australian Longitudinal Study

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Budget Forum 2017: Welfare Changes Stigmatise Recipients and Are Sitting on Shaky Ground

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“Them” and “Us”: The Enduring Power of Welfare Myths

John Hills’s acclaimed book Good Times, Bad Times: The Welfare Myth of Them and Us rests on a simple but seldom-made observation: much of the redistribution carried… Read More ›

An Interview with Professor Jane Millar, OBE

The financial hardship of poor working families represents a key policy challenge in many countries. Sue Regan interviews Jane Millar, Professor of Social Policy at… Read More ›