Budget Forum 2018

Budget Forum 2018: Superannuation and Pension Changes in the Budget 2018-19

The retirement income changes contained in the 2018-19 Budget continue the recent pattern of light touch measures that steer clear of structural reform. The 2016-17… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2018: This is not a Genuine or Equitable Way to Simplify the Personal Income Tax System

Scott Morrison has made much of his proposed tax changes, claiming that in the short term they will benefit low and middle income earners, and… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2018: A Missed Opportunity for Enhancing Australia’s Budget Transparency on Distributional Information

The Budget 2018-19 has failed again to include more distributional information, which would provide clarity on what the impacts are for different individuals and households.… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2018: Targeting the Black Economy

Among the tax changes proposed in the 2018-19 Federal Budget was a suite of measures to address the black economy. The measures arise out of… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2018: Tax Caps and Tax Cuts: Good for Australia?

Budget 2018-19 delivers tax rate cuts into the future that will seem attractive to many. But these tax cuts will benefit high income earners much… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2018: Risks Greater Than I Can Recall in My Working Life

Budgets are about choices. With an unexpected surge in revenue, the government’s main options were to apply it to deficit repair, to spend it, or… Read More ›