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Is the Proportion of Net Benefit Recipients a Concern? A Reply to Peter Whiteford

In his 5 October comment on Austaxpolicy, Relax. The Divide Between the Taxed and the Taxed -Nots Isn’t New and Doesn’t Buy Elections, Peter Whiteford… Read More ›

The Deterrent Effect of Whistleblowing on Tax Collections

While many countries use tax-related whistleblowing programs, the direct effect of these mechanisms is usually negligible (approximately, 0.05% in the US, and even less than… Read More ›

Lessons from Australia’s Tampon Tax Repeal: A Path to Gender Equality for the United States to Follow

Thank you, Australia, for showing the rest of the world how it is done. With the state and territorial governments’ agreement to repeal the “tampon… Read More ›

Tinkering Can Achieve a Lot. Politics Isn’t Broken

One of the key themes in politics this year has been that the political system isn’t delivering. In the economy, we are told we need… Read More ›

Why Australia’s Compulsory Superannuation System Discriminates Against Middle-Income Earners

The Australian Superannuation Guarantee requires employers to pay 9.5 per cent, into an employee’s superannuation account. The legislation has been subject to considerable policy change… Read More ›